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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I'm having something of a dilema of ponderance right now. On August 17 I shall be attending the wedding of soubrette and womble2. Unfortunately, this clashes with bicon. Now, what I was planning on doing was going to bicon anyway, and scooting off to Cambridge for the wedding in the middle of it, and then scooting back. On reflection though, I'm wondering if this is actually going to be worth it. I want to go, but... To those people who know bicons: is it worth it (the money, the time, the hassle of extra train journeys) if I'm going to be missing most of the Saturday? Do I get my arse in gear and get around to booking, or do I shrug my shoulders, curse the fact that I can't go and wait until next year?

(why am I writing so many lj entries today?)

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Ooh, I'm having the same problem.. azekeil and I are off to a wedding on that Saturday too, except ours is in Devon and we have no way to attend any part of Bi-Con unless it's for some of the Sunday afternoon. Hardly seems worth it.. *sigh*

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