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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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picture this
delirium happy
I've decided that I want to get my navel pierced. I'm going to have to look into it and at details of caring for it and what have you, but it's something I've wanted to have done for ages, and I can't think of any good reasons not to do it, so I'm going to. Who wants to hold my hand when I get it done?

I've also decided that I want to get some photos taken with the specifid intention of turning them into lj userpics (*smiles sweetly at 36* help, please...). So far I'm thinking of one with pigtails and wearing facepaint and what have you, one naked artsy type pic lying in the grass, and one of my pierced belly button (obviously this happens after it gets pierced). With the last one I think I also want to put on too much lipstick, kiss a piece of paper, scan it, turn up the transparency really high and overlay it onto the picture.

I'm sure I'll get more ideas for pictures before too long, but that's a start.

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...did you say 'naked'..?

Awwwww, innit sweet, sath has learned to read.

Why yes, I did say 'naked'. Why?

*blushes and wanders off*

I'm sorry, but I simply do not believe you're that bashful. What's going on here?

Bashful? I'm all the dwarves you can think of baby! ;)

Ah the cop out answer. Clearly you just want to see me naked because I'm so hot. :)

Belly button piercing is completely painless and hassle-free. The only thing to watch out for is to make sure you have a selection of low-waisted clothes for the week or so after it's pierced. Care generally consists of slopping sterile saline solution over it every few hours and occasionally squirting it with an anaesthetic spray if it starts to get irritating (though I didn't find that necessary). All in all, the least trouble of any of my piercings - and that includes the ears!

I'll probably end up finding the answer to this as I continue reading (and if you haven't caught on from the comment spam tonight, I started at the beginning and have made it this far in one evening), but I'll just ask because that's what I do. Did you end up getting your navel pierced?

I didn't, no. My -- and I'd better check that you didn't later answer your own question here; ok, no you didn't -- navel remains pristine, flawless and untouched. Or something.

Mine also remains untouched (such is the life of a pariah), but I can't in good conscience call it pristine or flawless. I strongly dislike innies, which I have, so clearly mine is flawed. And they seem inherently dirty to me, so I wouldn't call it pristine either.

I have issues.

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