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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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J'ai rentré a Cambridge
Having made hasty arrangements the night before I woke up at 08:00 on Monday morning, bright and breezy and ready to face the world (this is a lie). After getting ready, my dad kindly gave me a lift to Chorley railway station, at which point I handed over the GNP of a small African country to buy my ticket, and then entrusted myself into the hands of the British railway system.

Chorley to Manchester -- a little late, but mostly OK.
Manchester to Station Of Evil (aka Doncaster) -- fine
Station of Evil to Peterborough -- not a problem

"Wow. Only one short leg of the journey left and I'm there without any problems" think I. This, in hindsight, was a mistake. As I got off the trin (hmmm, interesting tyop there...) at Peterborough an announcement came over what is possibly the world's worst PA system. Unsurprisingly, I don't hear it properly, so I go off and look for my train to Cambridge. Which was cancelled. And there wasn't another one for an hour. Oh bugger. It turns out that what the announcement had actually said was that people getting off my train for connections to Cambridge should get straight back on the train and change at Stevenage. So I hastily found another train that went to Stevenage and got on that instead. The ticket inspector on that train tried to convince me that I was actually travelling from Cambridge to Chorley, but I was having none of it, and did manage to convince him that I knew where I was going in the end. At which point he pointed out tat I would have been better off changing at Hitchin instead of Stevenage. But get off at Stevenage I did, and there was a train going to Cambridge not long after, which I got on, and eventually arrived only about half an hour late. And all was well.

soubrette and amyvartdal were waiting for me in the station for me when I got in, and we headed off into town to buy the required hair dying paraphenalia (dye, mainly) and I'm fairly sure we went somewhere else too at this point, but I can't for the life of me remember where. Then it was off to chez soubrette where my hair was attacked in earnest. First step was to detangle it. And the soubrette didst look at the hair, and lo there was much despairing. It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows them that Amy was the much more patient of the two when it came to detangling. This was fortunate, in a way, because Nattie had to head off to a singing lesson shortly, which gave Amy time to finish detangling my hair, and me time to prove myself a addict and go and read lj.

When she got back, we started with the dying. First off, we bleached the right hand side of my hair. Or rather, we bleached most of the right hand side of my hair. A pack of bleach meant for one normal full head of hair was not even all that close to being enough for half of mine. This is not actually all that surprising. It was decided that I would actually look good with blonde hair. This scares me. Photos of the intermediate stages were taken and will apparently be appearing online once Amy is back in Norway, so you'll all be able to judge for yourselves at this point. After that came the black, and then the pink. Which was good except that there were still lots of brown bits down towards the bottom. So it was lucky I was getting it cut anyway really. At some point we ate pizza (and I was disturbed to realise that I apparently actually like onions now, as I voluntarily chose pizza containing them. Tomato still sucks though, clearly) and then I slept.

The next morning (or afternoon, I'm not sure) it was decided that I should stay another night, for convenience. Then we headed out towards town, and went our seperate ways, somewhat. Amy went to meet up with chrisy_m_uk and do some shopping; Nattie and I went to the Burleigh Arms for lunch (I had a cheeseburger (yes, with onions)) and then off to get my hair cut. We told the guy there what we'd planned and how we'd run out of dye and what have you, and ended up basicly saying "take off all the brown bits, but leave it as long as you can otherwise and layer it a bit while you're at it". This turned out being around about shoulder length, which was what I was after anyway, which was good. We did decide that some more pink dye was required just to finish things off though, so we had to go back into town for that (and some camer film for Nattie), and then head back to Nattie's. A bit more dying, and a spot of styling later, and the hair was finished (here, if you missed it last time, although I think it's really more pink and less red in person).

After that we heade off to Aquarion and Cookie's house, which I hadn't seen before, and were joined before long by womble2. Cookie finally managed to get around to trying to cook something that is edible both to me and to normal (for small values of normal) people. And what's more, he actually managed (it was mince and leeks, and potato slices on top, and a cheese sauce, then all baked and served with grated raw carrots. And it was good). I actually think I should make a list of foods that I do and do not like, complete with tab indented exceptions and everything, so that he can look at that next time rather than asking me. It would take up too much space here though. We also played Fluxx -- which I feel may be somewhat similar to Eleusis, except seeing as I've never actually played or read the rules to Eleusis, I'm not sure, but was fun whatever it was -- and Munchkin, which is one of those games where it's much more fun stopping your opponents from winning than it is to win yourself (not that I'd know; Aquarion won). It was also highly silly (it featured a floating nose, and the kneepads of alure, for example). I approve.

Not very much happened on Wednesday, other than going to the station and getting a relatively uneventful train home (changing at Ely). I did read Neil Gaiman's Coraline on the train though, and would thoroughly recomend it.At Manchester Piccadilly station, my dad came to pick me up, only it took us 20 minutes or so to find each other, what with the layout being changed and it still not being finished and there being workmen all over the place. Fun.

One thing I will say though, is that every time I go to Cambridge, it feels more like somewhere I would like to live. I'm fairly sure I'll try to move there when I finish living in Canterbury (memo to self: check when contract at current place expires). I dunno where, or how, but it's the best part of a year away, I think, so organisation is not required at this point.

Oh, and my mum said she liked my hair. This was unexpected.

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Strange, I've only been to Cambridge a few times and I got that feeling too. It could just be that *anywhere* is better than where I currently live, of course...

FWIW I fell in love with Cambridge before I even got there, and visiting there convinced me even more. And of course everybody knows AFP lives in Cambridge ;-)

It expires in almost exactly a year, which is when kim and I will be leaving too.

You look quite ok with blonde hair. It does suit you. And even if I think you would, you don't look ridiclouse(or however it's spelt) with that hair. It does actually suit you. I think it's the massive amounts of hair that does it.

And you'd probably been better off with me untangling all of your hair, and not let nattie at it with a scissor ;)

And yes, the colour balance on my(or more correctly, my parents) camera sucks, so it probably messed up your hair as well. You couolld have cut of a bit more of your hair I think. Notic "could", not implying that you should, nor that it looks bad :)

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