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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Fun and games (and less heat)
delirium happy
Today I have:

Played upwords with 36 in the living room (the furniture of which was moved around while i was away and we're keeping lots of games in there and it's looking like a livable room. Except that apparently the light has gone)

Helped kiin understand how to use custom friends groups on lj (I'm wondering if I should help out on livejournal support. I mean, I know far too much about this site, and I have too much free time on my hands, so...)

Gone through neopets playing lots of pointless flash games, just so I can get the "user has scored points in n games" bit of my profile there back up to what it was before they changed their scoring system and deleted everyone's scores to try to diminish the effects of cheaters (is there anything in the world ever that is more pathetic than cheating on neopets? I mean really?) This includes the ones that break my fingers and/or my keyboard. I'm blaming anotheryourself for this for mentioning neopets a few days ago. And Dell for introducing it to me in the first place.

Not done a great deal else at all really. It is rather cooler today though, so I could actually get some stuff done tonight. I need to do some more of my unpacking, and I kepp promising I'l scan in those of my photos from New York that I have back so far. Or at at least the good ones. Being as I took them, most of them suck, but there is a really cute one of sam42 and catchyerdreams that I do like.

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*helped and enlightened*

Goodie! I now get the opportunity to thank you officially!
Thank you, cheri!

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