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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
79 different users list me as their friend on lj, and I know that several people who aren't on lj read it as well. I know that there are people who are read by more people, but 80 is still somewhat on the high side and I want to know why you all actually read it. I'm not that interesting, you know. And so, the wonders of the lj poll. Please answer honestly.

Why did you start reading my journal

Because I actually know you
I think we might have met once or something
I ran across you on lj
You added me to your friends page, so I added you back
Damned if I can remember now
I don't. I just like randomly filling in polls
What? Who are you?

And how interesting do you find my journal

It's one of the most interesting that I read
It's certainly wll interesting enough to be worth reading
*shrug* I've seen better, and I've seen worse
most of it is pretty dull, but there are some good bits
it's dull. I only read it out of loyalty
It's dull. I haven't a clue why I read it

Anything else about why you read my journal

(as always, comments are available if you want more space to write or you can't take the poll due to not being an lj user)

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Of course, I clicked 'we met in LJ' but it was actually a UK poly NG.. and I joined and it looked dead so I started a thread introducing myself and gave my LJ URL, and a few people, including you, then added me and posted yours.. :)

now, do me! wait, i mean do me, now! wait no... i mean.... tell me these things about me!?

Well since you asked so nicely, I suppose I could do you (*ahem*)

I first ran into you, of course, on the genderqueer AIM chat, and you're one of the people on my friends list filter of people that I read even when I've been away for ages or something and want catch up quickly.

reallly? *big grin* that's really exciting. *laughs* i was actually talking about the last bit there, but now i'm giggling because i'm like, "hee hee! i said that other bit would be exciting." but yeah... i post so much! it's nice to know that it's readable. i guess my posts are usually so bitesize that they aren't too rough to go through.

Help! The innuendometer's gone off the scale!

Your poll doesn't give me the option I need! I added you to my friends after you posted your style (which I immediately adopted) and I keep you on my friends because, frankly, you've never given me any reason to take you off the list.

I think we met on Usenet first, and yours is one of the most interesting journals I read.

The poll doesn't quite work for me because I've met you more than once, but still don't really know you. I've talked to you a couple of times in #afp or #tash. I read your journal because

a) you and your journal are both interesting.
b) I like you, and I care about how you're doing.

because I rarely go back and look at my own polls to see if someone commented randomly, so I thought I'd send you a comment notification email so you'd know :)

*smile* thank you :)

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