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delirium happy

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win2k problem
delirium happy
I figure that someone is bound to know the answer to this:

In windows 98 there was this nice little thing called msconfig which could be used, amongst other things, to see what programs were running at startup and also to stop them from running.

In win2k this doesn't exist. I've managed to get the seeing what I'm running part sorted by running winmsd but I can't seem to see a way to stop them from running. Is there any way of doing this? (and no, they aren't in the start up section of the start menu)

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You probably don't mean the task manager do you? You get there by Ctrl+Alt+Delete then pressing the task manager button.

Nah, I know how to get rid of programs once they've started, I just don't know how to stop them from starting in the first place, but thanks anyway.

(and I already have taskmanager as a shortcut on my quicklaunch bar as well)

I can't remember about Win2k exactly - if you don't get an answer before tomorrow morning, I'll check when I get into work - I run Win2k there. Here at home I run XP but I think it's in the same place... try Computer Management tool under Administrative tools. Once there, look under Services and Applications and just click on Services - you should see what you need in the right hand pane.

Well, the path I described doesn't work but a right mouse click on My Computer gives you 'manage' which brings up the same computer management screen. Of course, that may not help at all.

It doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for, but thanks anyway.

copy msconfig.exe from a windows XP machine (M$ obviously realised its a usefull app) and ignore the error messages you get, this will work.
There is a proper option in windows but i can't remeber what it is till i get into work and hit a win2k box.

Unfortunately, I don't happen to have a copy of winxp handy...

Run regedit and navigate down to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run - on the right you'll see what's running on startup.

***BEWARE*** Be very very careful what you do in the registry - change the wrong bit and you may kill your machine stone dead! There is no Undo option! Changes are permanent and immediate.

Find the program name in the right hand window and delete its entry. It's probably best to write down the details before you delete it - double click the entry and you can easily copy and paste it into something like Notepad just in case... :)

I'm loathe to manualy edit the registry unless there's absolutely no other option, but it's nice to know where in the registry I need to look if it does come down to that, so thanks.

[23:17:03] Chris Hogg: oh
[23:17:49] Chris Hogg: Control Panel -> Admin Tools -> Services
[23:17:57] Chris Hogg: But I'm not sure if that's what you want.

It may not be what you're after, but maybe worth trying...

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