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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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burning ears
delirium happy
Do other people wonder how often other people talk about them among themselves, and what they sy about them as often as I do?

(So when was the last time you talked about me with someone other than me? Who was it to? What did you say?)

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Fairly recently. Neil. We were talking about your character's description on Rondak's Portal. I was explaining that I'd told you to put in some more about appearence.

My mum asks if you're OK and how you're doing so I guess the last time would have been when I told her about your being in New York and then house sitting.

Talking to Spyder on the 'phone... summat to do with LJ/UPP I'd assume :)


I don´t know about others, but I sure know I think about it quite a lot.
Especially around friends who have a habit of putting people down, when I am around, and then greet this person like a dear friend if they meet... That makes me curious to what they might say about me, when I'm not there.

Funny you should ask. I actually just told M that I find you extremely intelligent, as well as a sweet.
Consider that a compliment, nothing else. *refers to your last entry*

Talking about hikari

Andrea & I talked about you this afty, over a cup of tae & a cream cake :)

You know, I'm damned if I can think of the last time I talked about you

Possibly mentioned you at some point to someone who was only sitting looking like they were listening to me going on.

I really don't know. Which is odd, to say, I talk about you quite a lot. Then again, I have no memory & very little patience, so who I have talked about has mostly been slagged off :)


Tuesday evening. I was explaining to the_maenad who the people on my friends list were, so that she could figure out which of them she knows and might want to add to her own list. I said that we'd met on a newsgroup and that you were living with 36.

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