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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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interesting, steve
delirium happy
I totally deleted my interest list earlier, and redid it from scratch. According to lj's interest matching algorithm, out of all 663932 current lj users, the four who are most like me are sam42, marnanel, sath and tequilatrinity (in that order). All of whom are among the 100 or so users on my friends list. This is surprising.

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I really love it when you say my name like that, ooh those lj tags make me so horny..

..or something :)

I think azekeil came out as my top match.. cos he used my interests page for ideas when he did his.. lol

(Oh, and cos we really DO have lots of stuff in common.. but not TOO much cos that would make an unhealthy relationship..)

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