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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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It's a rather odd feeling. I've actually done something today, so I get to write something here that has content, rather than my normal blathering.

36 and I went to Rochester castle today. We had aimed to leave the house at about 09:00, but instead ending up leaving half an hour later. When we got to the train station, there was a powercut there, so we couldn't buy tickets, and then there was nobody wanting to sell them to us on the train either. Which was a terrible shame.

Once we got to Rochester, the castle was well signposted, although we did take a slightly long way around due to following the road signs, so we found it without any problems. We wondered around there for probably several hours, listening to the strange audio tour things that look like a cross between a telephone and a cricket bat, and, in Nat's case, taking about three million photos.

After that, we went off to find something to eat, and then came back to the cathedral, which is next door to the castle (one of the fun things about being in the castle was being able to look down on it) which was something like the castle must have been like before it fell down. It also had quite possibly the most gorgeous organ ever.

After that we headed back to the train station, but passed through a few charity shops along the way, where I acquired a cd and three books (one of which, Contact, actually might be good) for a princely combined sum of £2.15.

All in all, 'twas a grand day out.

Oh, and Nat assures me that during the course of the day I received three entirely independant wolf whistles, all of which I was completely oblivious to (I'm good at oblivious). I feel that this may have been something to do with being dressed something like an eight year old lesbian (hair in pink/black bunches, black tshirt, pink short dungarees (£1 from ebay)) might have had something to do with this. I find it ammusing anyway.

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Oh dear how inane, but 'gorgeous organ ever' carried entirely the wrong associations.

Did you see any of the Dickensian stuff?

Its funny,years ago family had friends in Chatham and
running up and down the big hill there ,helped to cure my vertigo. Bet its changed enormously since then and only
realized the other day there is now a Medway tunnel

I'm worried. For some reason the 8yo lesbian thing is rather sexy. I don't even like dungarees...they're overalls, dammit! Dungarees are another word for jeans. Stupid British terminology...er...yeah.

Oh, and *castle envy*. Us poor Americans never get to even see castles with our own eyes. *sob*

But overalls are what car mechanics wear, with sleeves and stuff.
Dungarees are definately a thing all of their own :)

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