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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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On why I hate royal mail
delirium happy
Yesterday, I received a "we're holding an item of mail for you" card from royal mail. Apparently they have a parcel of mine, and I'm not allowed to have it unless I give them 88p. Now for starters, why couldn't they just bring it with them, ring the doorbell and then give it to me if I gave them the money? Or would that be too easy?

Then today, I decide to ring them up to see if there is actually any way to get at the thing without going over to the delivery office. The only problem is that the stamp on the back of the card, which includes the phone number wasn't stamped properly. No phone number for Rachel.

But I'm a resourceful sort of girl. I check the consignia website (which doesn't warrant a link due to extreme crapness), I check yell, I check the yellow pages...all without luck. And then I find the number in the Thomson Local!

...or rather I don't. I find a number that gets me through to someone at somewhere royal mail related who gave me the number that I wanted

...or rather he didn't. He gave me a number that seemingly doesn't actually exist anywhere.

And so I rang directory enquiries. Who gave me a number. I've still not managed to ascertain whether this one is the right number or not though. Of the four times I've rung it, I've got an engaged tone twice and an answering machine twice.

I'm starting to reach the conclusion that I'm going to end up having to go there in person to fetch it. Now this may not seem so bad, but bear in mind:

  1. It's about a mile and a half from here to the delivery office
  2. The only means of transport available to me in getting there is walking
  3. I don't actually know what the parcel is. It's something from ebay, but it could be this (not so bad) or it could be this (bad)
I have a bad feeling about this.

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I got one of those cards once. It was a parcel with postage due. So I followed the instructions, bought stamps to the required amount and stuck them on, and put it back in the letter box. A day or so later it returned to my house. So I phoned up the number on the card to complain, and got told to post it again. This time they got it right. :-)

see, i was thinking about doing that, but the instructions on the card say:

If there's a fee to pay you can:

a) Affix stamps here and arrange for re-delivery

b) Pay at delivery office with exact money, cheque or stamps

This really isn't the most useful set of instructions ever. For instance, it fails to mention exactly how I am meant to arrange for redelivery. Obviously, I could ask them this over the phone, if I could actually manage to speak to them.

What am I actually meant to do, put the stamps on and post it?

if money is owed, then you HAVE to go to the delivery office.

They dont deal in money when they are out and about cos of muggings / robbers etc etc.

... you could be in for a bit of exercise!!!...

1.5 miles? oh just go get it lazy sod

In this heat? Sod off... :)

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