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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Nattie and Ben's wedding
delirium happy
After getting up insanely early yesterday I caught the 06:50 train from Canterbury. 4 trains later, I wound up in Cambridge at 09:30. This left me with plenty of time to kill before the wedding at 11:00, but I figured that if I'd taken the train an hour later then it would have ended up being late and I'd have missed the wedding which would have been a Bad Thing. So, I went to the little cafe type thingy in the station, and treated myself to a bacon baguette and a mug of hot chocolate, and wrestled with the buttons on my cardigan. At about 10:00 I took a taxi off to the register office, and as I was still very early, I decide to go and have a little bit of a wonder around, and scarily enough, recognised a couple of the places I walked past. Yet again, I say that I should move to Cambridge.

When I arrived back at the register office, the bride and groom and sundry family members were assembled there, so I had a bit of a chat with soubrette, straightened out her veil, and was introduced to some of the random family members. As time drew on, I started to get rather nervous that nobody I knew was going to turn up, but slovakia, dave_t_lurker and Adam turned up just before the ceremony, so that was OK. Apparently there was also an lnr present, who I meant to at least say hi to, but never did. Oops.

Anyway, the ceremony was a fairly nice small, simple affair. I did, of course, feel the urge to shout out "me! me! I do!" when asked if anyone knew a reason why they couldn't be joined in lawful matrimony, but equally of course, I didn't. slovakia was the witness for soubrette, which made me a little sad in a way, seeing as how I'd been promosed, a long while ago, the roll of maid of honour if they had attendants (they didn't) and I introduced the two of them, and now they seem to be closer to each other than to me... but oh well, it was Nattie's day, not mine, so overall I am glad that she did what she wanted to do, rather than something to apease my feelings. I'm probably just being over sensitive anyway. Nattie refused to throw her bouquet over her shoulder because she wanted to keep it. I figured it didn't bother me though, as I'm sorted in that regard anyway.

Anyway, after the ceremony, we went outside for photos, and then Matt, Dave, Adam and I went off to Adam's for a while before the reception. We saw the infamous MAME cab, I went to sleep on the floor for a little while, and we watched Matt playing Space Cahneel 5 on the dreamcast, which is quite possibly the worst idea for a game ever. You play a TV reporter who has to fight an alien invasion force by outdancing them, while all the while ensuring you keep high ratings. The boots that she wears on the first level were really cool though (knee high orange platform boots). I want.

Around 5ish we headed out to the reception, which mainly involved sitting around, chatting, eating alarmingly meat-free food, and generally remaining in a remarkably insular little group of some-time CSSers. It was nice though. As there were three of us wanting to get the 20:30 train, womble2 made sure that all the speeches, cake cutting and stuff were done by then. After which we gave our regards to the happy couple, got a taxi to the station and then headed home. I had the company of dave_t_lurker until Victoria, where I grabbed myself a real flame burned BK burger for some much needed meat intake, and then I just about managed to stay awake enough to change at Faversham, get in and flop in front of the computer for a little while, and then go to sleep.