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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Coraline II
delirium happy
The Coraline signing at Waterstones in Canterbury on Tuesday. I went with 36 and we turned up nice and early. So early, in fact, that we had to stand around for a while before going to sit down. After we did go to sit down, I got to get a look at the British edition of Coraline, which I have to say, I really don't like. The cover art is just bad. I like my American version. Oh yes I do. Neil read chapters 3 (which he did in NY) and 4 to us, and then answered questions. I asked him about the NY signing, and he said he really didn't like it because not everyone got their books signed. He also said that even though he pronounced Coraline to rhyme with fine, he'd found an old reference to it, where it was pronounced to rhyme with queen, which made me feel rather vindicated, as the latter was how I pronounced it when I first saw it.

After the reading, some bookshop employee said that we could get the cost of the ticket (£2) off any Gaiman book, so I went downstairs to see if they had the Stardust graphic novel. They didn't. Back upstairs and the queue was fully formed by this point, os i just sat around waiting until the very end of it. Nat ended up talking about roleplaying with Jenny and Jan who also showed up, who I met once but don't actually know or anything. Most of the talk went somewhat over my head, but it did make me ponder once again trying to get into RP but I decided that was probably too much like effort, so I just carried on sitting low.

Eventually, the queue vanished, and I got my copy of Coraline signed ("to whomever may be reading this") and had a brief chat with Neil who is inherently cool. Then we headed off to the supermarket, bought food, and then came home, where I ended up having a fairly long conversation with Nat, in the kitchen for no apparent reason.

Watch out for Coraline III - the one where Neil starts to wonder if rachel is stalking him, coming soon to an LJ near you.