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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Random thought for the day
delirium happy
The schoolgirl costume. Something of a stereotype. Widely considered sexy. And I think I've figured out why. It's because schoolgirls are the only females ever who wear ties. Ties are a masculine piece of dress. Blurring of gender roles is sexy!

(NB please don't take this seriously)

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Were you looking at my (ex-)girlfriend when you thought this?

*eyes Rachel suspiciously...* o_0


Well, while this comes close to taking you seriously, I'll note there is our culture's unfortunate sexual fixation on youth and innocence, and on naughty things in nice packages. However, I think there's something to your observation as well.

Some other women wear ties (volunterally) this may be because it is a sexy thing to do.

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