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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Coraline III
delirium happy
I got up at 9am yesterday, to get the 10:20ish train, to get into London for around noon. Unfortunately, the folks from the geekhouse were yet to arrive, due to train problems, so the plan to phone ccooke when I got to Tottenham Court Road didn't work and I had to manage to find my way to Forbidden Planet and The Angel by myself. Miraculously, I did manage this with only one turning (or lack of a turning. I walked straight past Forbidden Planet without noticing it.

In the angel, I encountered Eric, bunnyk and soubrette. We were shortly joined by womble2 and we ate before going off into the queue for the signing, where we were joined before too long by ruthi, ccooke, Aquarion and LoneCat. I bought a cd audio book of Coraline, and a paper print book of Smoke and Mirrors, which I got signed (he made this one out to "You!!"), and I assured Neil that I wasn't in fact stalking him. Collectively, I think we managed to traumatise him at least slightly, what with the stalkerishness, Eric having given out large numbers of programs from the play version of Violent Cases he directed in 1988, and ruthi and lonecat having Terry Pratchett masks.

Post signing, the meet was joined by Laurabelle and Kevin, and returned to the Angel. Geeking, hugging and games of Fluxx (in which I managed to break cookie's brain by playing the "wverbody gets one" card twice in a row, and managed to win after a mvoe that took about 5 minutes) transpired. It was a highly enjoyable meet, although I was feeling a little distant or reserved or something, so I didn't get to be as affectionate with people as I would have liked, or be as talkative as I would have liked, or other such stuff. Still, it was all very fun.

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